StubHub Center "Going Green"


StubHub Center is committed to operating one of the most environmentally responsible venues in the United States through AEG’s corporate environmental program, AEG 1EARTH. AEG 1EARTH measures the impact of AEG’s facility operations and continuously identifies projects to improve environmental performance in tangible ways. AEG 1EARTH has set company-wide 2020 environmental goals around conserving energy, water and reducing waste. StubHub Center tracks environmental performance and progress toward these goals through AEG Ecometrics which measures both the facility’s resources consumed and wastes generated.

StubHub Center was the first stadium in the US to achieve ISO 14001 certification for their Environmental Management System, a written program which documents environmental best practices and set venue-specific goals for environmental performance. The Environmental Management System (EMS) guides employees in reducing the environmental impact of StubHub Center’s day to day operations. Employees can login here to access EMS guidelines and forms.

Guests and Fans are invited to read about some of our Environmental Highlights below:


StubHub Center recognizes that certain human activities contribute to global climate change, which impacts public health and the environment. The best way for us to do our part is to reduce our overall energy demand through energy efficiency. StubHub Center is committed to reducing its electricity consumption from 2012 to 2015. StubHub Center achieved a 15% percent reduction in electricity consumption from 2007-2012 by implemented a number of energy efficient technologies and policies including:

  • Participating in Southern California Edison's Demand Response programs which enable us to reduce usage at our facility when statewide energy demand peaks. We raise environmental awareness on site by asking our tenants and staff to help us reduce energy usage at these peak usage times.
  • Using our Building Management System to link both the HVAC and lighting systems to motion sensors throughout the facility so these energy-intensive systems are only active when the spaces are occupied
  • Implementing a field lighting policy which limits tenant lighting use before and after field or court usage
  • Installation of high-efficiency boilers in the Velodrome facility
  • Invested 100,000 to install power outlets in the facility to reduces the need for event based, gasoline consuming power generators

Although we don’t have direct control over how our fans travel to our events, we aim to help reduce CO2 emissions from our fans’ commute through the following measures:

  • Partnering with the City Carson, the Artesia Transit Center and the South Bay Pavilion Mall to provide free shuttles for select events for both fans and employees. Information about free shuttles and public transit options is communicated through social media and the facility’s website.
  • Providing bike racks for our fans and employees


We believe water availability is one of the greatest challenges the world will face and we want to start doing our part now by being a leader in water conservation. StubHub Center is committed to reducing its water consumption from 2012 to 2015. StubHub Center achieved a 27% percent reduction in water consumption from 2010-2012 by implemented a number of water conservation initiatives including:

  • StubHub Center ties into an existing grey water reclamation system administered through a local municipality. Grey water from surrounding areas is treated by the municipality making it safe for non-potable uses such as landscape irrigation and industrial processing and cooling.
  • In 2009 StubHub Center removed the traditional one-gallon flush urinals throughout the facility and replaced them with zero-gallon per use urinals created by Falcon Waterfree Technologies. The Falcon Waterfree urinals save money and time while conserving natural resources.
  • Installed sink aerators to reduce the flow of water dispensed through sink taps throughout the facility.
  • Installed smaller, more efficient wash machines to reduce the water used in laundry processes
  • Paved a narrow walkway surrounding the StubHub Center stadium soccer field to reduce watering required to mitigate dust
  • Installed precision nozzles on 1,400 sprinklers in ornamental flowerbeds. The new nozzles use 30% less water and have a more uniform spray which helps reduce wasteful hardscape runoff and saves approximately 1.5 million gallons per year.


Solid waste generation is growing in volume and toxicity in most communities. The disposal of manufactured products that contain chemicals and metals into landfills causes pollution. We aim to minimize waste and divert as much as possible from landfill to recycling and other productive uses. StubHub Center is committed to increasing its overall diversion rate by 2015. StubHub Center achieved a 28% percent diversion rate in 2011 by implemented the following initiatives:

  • Implementing a public recycling program to capture the bottles, cans and paper waste generated on the concourse. The operations team also recycles cardboard, metals, glass and plastics
  • Partnering with third party companies to divert batteries, light bulbs, kitchen grease electronic and hazardous waste from landfill
  • Partnering with the Long Beach Conservation Corps, to separate and divert additional recyclables from our waste stream.
  • Composting food waste in our kitchens in partnership with food service provider, Levy Restaurants.


The manufacture, use and disposal of the products we buy contribute to our environmental footprint. We are committed to making smart purchasing decisions and selecting environmentally preferable products whenever feasible. Some of our sustainable purchasing initiatives including:

  • More than 50% of cleaning products purchased for use are "green." Green cleaning products are low in toxicity and minimize the impact on human health and damage to the environment from exposure to and disposal of these products.
  • Purchasing 30% recycled content office paper and recycled content and paper towels
  • Purchasing coreless, recycled content toilet paper
  • Purchasing local or organic food and biodegradable food service disposables in partnership with Levy Restaurants


StubHub Center is committed to raising environmental awareness amongst our guests and employees. Environmental awareness is promoted through new hire and annual refresher training for both full and part time employees. StubHub also has a Green Team made up of representatives from each department which meets bi-monthly quarterly to identify opportunities and initiatives to lessen the stadium’s impact on the environment.

StubHub Center participates annually in key outreach events such as Earth Day, Earth Hour and America Recycles Day. Each year, in honor of Earth Day StubHub Center issues the “Reading Garden Challenge” in which local elementary schools read Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax and create original posters based on themes from the book. The top five schools with the most posters submitted will be entered into a random drawing conducted by the LA Galaxy Foundation and the StubHub Center Charitable Foundation to have a Reading Garden built at their school.

To learn more about AEG 1EARTH and view AEG’s Sustainability Report please visit: